A lesson from dog pee.

Far be it from me to devise an effective dog urination strategy – it’s just not my thing.

That being said, I’d really like to know my dog’s thought process in determining which plants, fire hydrants and electric poles he must pee on, and which he can (literally)¬†turn his nose up at and ignore. He’s a hyperactive little mofo, and without long walks he has a propensity for exploding into fits of destruction. On our daily excursions, I can’t help but ponder what on earth makes him dive to mark certain spots like his life depends on it, while casually bypassing others.

I know deep down that there’s a scientific canine logic behind this madness, but regardless of any conclusions I draw, he’s just doing his thing.

And if there’s one lesson that insists on throwing itself in my face on a regular basis, it that there’s nothing to be gained from worrying about how others behave or trying to interpret their actions. Nada.¬†Even when it’s completely annoying, and even when I really want an explanation.

At the end of the day, we’re only in control of our own actions, and beyond that, the way we respond to people and situations in our lives. So go forth and pee where you want to, no one’s judging from here.