Since Last Thanksgiving (part 2)

Since last Thanksgiving, and the one before that, I…

Got married 🙂

Visited two new countries.

Wore more sunscreen.

Read a lot of great books.

Hiked Havasupai Falls.

Bought grown up furniture.

Visited Denver, Sedona, Boston, Kansas City, Philadelphia, Tulsa, Vegas and New Orleans.

Finished my MBA.

Became addicted to Pinterest.

Did not attend my 10 year high school reunion.

Ate an obscene amount of frozen yogurt.

Got a new roof.

Learned how to mop.

Watched friends become parents.

Switched to an iPhone.

Forgave more.

Decided that losing five pounds just isn’t.that.important.

Returned lost dogs to their owners.

Donated my time, money and blood for the greater good.

Made this blog public…

Continued counting my blessings.