bizarro world: charity style

Earlier this week I wrote about some troubling political fights occurring within the Republican primaries. And if I’d been asked to describe the Bizarro World equivalent of this scenario, I probably would’ve said, “It’d be when two wonderful and interrelated non-profits go to war with each other.”

Because the way non-profits work together is typically the polar opposite of how two politicians relate.


If you’ve been following the media storm that ensued when Susan G. Komen for the Cure pulled funding from Planned Parenthood, you likely have a new perspective on the politics behind charity. I find both these organizations to be wonderful, and have always supported their work. And despite this massive bump in the road, I doubt my views will change. You also may have strong opinions about what was right and wrong in this situation – and that’s allowed – it’s the wonderful part about living in a democratic society.

The only proverb I’ve ever memorized is, “First learn, then form opinions.” If everyone did it, we’d all be smarter and more peaceful. So stick with your values when big issues like this are brought to your attention, but also be courageous enough to consider the other side of the equation.