show and tell

1. Big Love. We have cable now. And On-Demand. Earth-shattering.

2. BirchBox. You must. For $10 you get a lovely box full of high-end beauty products, based on your personal preferences. So what if I pretend mine’s from a secret admirer when it arrives each month.  Here’s a link to join.

3. Perrier. No idea on this one, considering I used to hate it. I might be going through a phase.

4. Our new mattress pad. Yeah, really. Check this out.

5. The Pitch Perfect soundtrack. Again – yeah, really.

6. This weather. Time to even the score for six months, non-Arizonans.

7. This website. Namely, the ‘popular’ category.

8. Holiday-themed pet toys

9. Making and sending cards at You can customize your own card or pick a pre-made design, and address and send it through the site. And it’s cheaper than what you buy in a store.

10. Free by Graffiti6