my name, in lights!

Sometimes, I reflect on my days of working in PR, and I’m so thankful for the fun I can have googling myself on a Monday evening. The perils of working in this field have magnified significantly since the internet was born. Because now, every dumb thing I ever said to a reporter is permanently memorialized, often on rather unique websites.

For me, a shining moment was being quoted on Yes – that’s a real website, claiming to be “Your # 1 Source for your # 2 Business.”

My journalism professors must be so proud.

But don’t worry, I’ve also been quoted in plenty of other esteemed publications. Like out of Boise. What? You haven’t heard of it? That’s crazy!

What about the Millburn-Shorthills Patch?! It was a big news day when I was able to comment on labor protestors with a giant inflatable rat.

Perhaps you’re familiar with It’s pretty much the best website ever, if you want your name next to a photo of a guinea pig.

The Sioux City Journal? Not too shabby.

Even put my name in lights for a story or two… Been there.

Hometown love, azcentral!
But I have to say, the following is my favorite article to have been quoted in, ever. It’s all about a rat infestation, and I remember having the creeps the entire time I had to talk about this:

Morals of the story?

1) The media spins everything.
2) I’m glad to be working in internal communications today.
3) Getting married and changing your last name can be a very good thing.