Real talk for a sec.

In a moment of spontaneous madness I posted this photo and stream of consciousness on social media last night, and decided┬áto share it here, too, since I know some blog friends aren’t Facebook peeps (weirdos) and vice versa.

Friends. Real talk for a sec. Never in a million years did I think Beachbody coaching was for me. I think most of you think it’s as silly as I once did, and that’s ok. I scoffed at this opportunity and figured it was a scam (queen skeptic here). And hello, I have a full-time job, I’m a busy mom, and what business did I have telling others what to do when I’m still on my own fitness journey? It seemed ridiculous, but at the same time, I was lost in mom life and the daily grind, and I needed something to be excited about. What I found was a way to meet new people and become way more accountable in my own health. I knew I needed something for ME. So I took a risk, and jumped in ready to laugh at myself, but geeze. I am THANKFUL every single day I decided to pursue this. In six months I’ve made new friends, been pushed to grow way beyond my comfort zone, learned a ton and while no one likes to make stuff about money, I’ve built a business (in about a half hour a day) to cover our mortgage and then some. Are you kidding me? All by helping people?? I kind of can’t believe this is real, but I also feel like I need to tell everyone how possible it is. This is me – straight up sitting in my car in a parking lot (alone time!) feeling so blessed and inspired that I am typing without proofing (talk about terrifying) to share it. Because if you’re ready for a change from the blah, and for something to do just for YOU, this is your sign. I would love to talk your face off about this and welcome you to my team. It’s so fun and so possible. Shoot me an email: jesstaylorfitness [at] gmail [dot] com.