The following is an excerpt from an e-mail conversation I had with Dan today, centered around a childhood toy.

Dan: WTF was this thing named? Ollie?

no, I think Ollie was an amorphous horse-like thing we sat on.

Dan: Best Sentence of 2009: “I think Ollie was an amorphous horse-like thing we sat on”



Me: To find a photo I googled “80’s ride toy yellow” and it came up immediately. Ollie impacted a lot of lives. You can get one@ http://sandiego.craigslist.org/csd/bab/1288384838.html

Dan: I will get this for you if you will keep it in your backyard and ride it when you are hammered.

Me: Dude I absolutely would. No doubt. I’d also bring it to work and leave it tied up to a post outside my cube, no explanation.

Dan: It would be awesome bringing it on the plane as carry-on

Dan to Craigslist seller:


Do you still have this toy? If so, I would like to purchase it. I lack a vehicle to pick it up though, so would you consider delivering it to my residence in La Jolla?

Also, you mention the nose is completely broken off. Do you have the nose? Or is it lost forever?