Ode to Tired Moms

About a year ago, in the middle of a conversation at work, my friend Courtney sighed and quietly remarked, “I’m so tired I could just die.” Courtney’s a wife, mom to toddler twins, dynamo career woman and an overall lovely human. Plus, she showers regularly. She’s basically a unicorn.

At the time of this conversation, I was a few months pregnant and working full time, and thought that I, too, was that tired.

It’s cute how naive I was.

Flash forward into motherhood and I definitely have moments where my fatigue feels like a lead blanket is trying to smother me. Keeping a tiny person happy and healthy can be EXHAUSTING. But it’s so completely amazing that we somehow push through, day after day, relying on caffeinated beverages and expensive under-eye concealers. We embrace the wonderful struggle because we wouldn’t have it any other way.

To all the tired mommas out there, hang in there. This is my ode to you:

Le Tired

There are lots of fun ways to describe how I feel,
But no matter the phrasing, the struggle is real.

I’m drained, tuckered out, exhausted and tired,
My energy stores have long since expired.

Being a mom gives life amazing new purpose,
But turns getting sleep into a three-ring circus.

Daydreams of naps spin through my head,
Of a magical place known simply as bed.

Who knew that sleep would become such a prize,
That all I’d want for Christmas is to just close my eyes.

Daycare drop off, commute, work and repeat,
The fact that I showered is an amazing feat.

By evening I’m a zombie and just want to crash,
But instead I fold laundry and take out the trash.

Change one more diaper, wash one more bottle,
I’m running on empty and still have to swaddle.

It’s tough, you know, just being a mom,
The days are intense and there isn’t much calm.

It’s a job often thankless, full of poop, spit-up and tears,
But we take it in stride, balancing marriage and careers.

Every time I hit a wall and think I can’t go on any longer,
I wake up the next day, feeling a tiny bit stronger.

Ever so slowly, by day and by night,
I’m starting to feel like I’m doing some things right.

Despite all the ways I might feel like a mess,
My life would be empty if it was anything less.

No matter the trials, the fatigue or mayhem,
I’d never give it up, I can’t live without them.