fun. x 3

I was lucky enough to see fun. perform three times on their current tour. In Tucson, Mesa and Flagstaff. The shows were as different as can be, but each was amazing.

In Tucson, they preformed at a standing-room-only venue to a small crowd.

The Mesa show was at a large performing arts venue.

And the Flagstaff one was at a huge outdoor amphitheater under the stars.

Here’s a snippet:

We’re a little bit beige.

I saw my favorite band perform on Friday. Loved every second of it.

It was a two-hour drive after a long-ass week, in a standing-room only venue without AC. It was pretty much exactly what I needed.

I’ve been to lots of concerts. I’ve seen bands that are super famous and bands that no one’s ever heard of. From scary rappers to emo crooners and boy bands, I always love the music. But I think what I love even more is the passion. The energy. Seeing someone be completely present in what they do.

Although, it’s actually kind of jarring to see someone so immersed in what they love. Particularly considering most concert tours include months of the same songs, the same types of venues and the same high-pitched fans. How do these people stay so totally connected to their performances?

It made me happy and sad all at the same time, to consider how some people have such a consuming and crazy passion for what they do.

Which is ironic, because I love what I do, too. But – it’s different. Corporate offices rarely involve singing, dancing and yelling (at least not in a good way), and our days are fairly scripted. Plus, I believe it’s frowned upon to crowd surf. We corporate folks get passionate – but in more muted tones. We’re a little bit beige.

The beige-ness comes from lots of very important and necessary rules that exist to protect us. Without them, we would likely offend, injure and sue each other. So while they serve a valid purpose, I sometimes wonder if all these rules over-dilute what we do and say and how we act.

I’m not suggesting we throw all our guidelines to the wayside and initiate a Woodstock-like office setting, but it would be cool if there was a little more balance. And a little more encouragement to be absolutely bonkers nutty passionate.

Although, to be honest, I don’t know how I would handle a profession or lifestyle where I was that connected, all the time. I’m pretty structured, and I think I would freak out a little bit if I was required to sing in front of anyone.

But still, it’s nice to ponder. Fewer rules, more fun.


This is one of the strangest rambles I've ever written. Don't care.

My brother is a music person. My husband is a music person. My colleague Len? A music person. I’ve never been one.

I mean I LOVE music – almost all of it. Who doesn’t. But I’ve never been one to memorize artist facts. I never follow the newest, most popular bands. And I’m hopeless at identifying who sings classic songs…This is The Clash, DUH.

I dig indie bands and I like N’SYNC. I go gangster with Wu-Tang and rock out to Beyonce.

But. If I had to pick my favorite band/singer/song/etc, it all goes to Nate Ruess and his bands.

Beginning in college, The Format became a band I loved. For the first time, I knew every word to every song on an album, and listened to these songs whether I was happy, sad or something in between. Music makes strong associations with memories and stages of life, and if I had to link any melodies to my four years at ASU, The Format wins by a mile. The album I bought in 2003 has never left the CD player in either of the past two cars I’ve owned.

But – like so many good things – the band split a few years ago. Naturally devastated, I donned sweatpants and mourned appropriately. But then I quickly bounced back to euphoria when my step-sister, Sami, told me that Nate had started a new venture, fun. Happydance JOY time.

I’ve followed and come to love this new band, and when I heard their song in a Super Bowl ad this year, it reignited my love for Nate’s music. Time stood still. Angels flew overheard. I got the giddy stomach feeling and completely zoned out. Oh, and this ad? It also featured Rob Drydek – a real life super human and another personal obsession. But that’s for another post.

But I don’t know if it’s even fair to say, “I love this music,” or “I love this band.” It’s not enough and I don’t know what that means. What I do know is that this music ignites something in me. It stirs an energy. It’s comfortable and inspiring.

Tonight things got a little ironic. I went on facebook (we’re not back together, just dating casually) and saw that Heather – a friend and our engagement photographer – had posted a link to one of the band’s videos. Did I mention she’s met him? Sigh. Well I watched, completely enthralled, and got re-lost in the zone described so nauseatingly above. I decided to look at their tour dates, and had a SPASM when I saw they were performing in Chandler TONIGHT.


In a mad rush to put my shoes on, I called the venue for directions and found out I MISSED IT.

I missed it, missed it, missed it.

My dogs can attest that there were a few tears and expletives.

But that’s ok. They’re in Tucson next month and in Mesa around my birthday. Going.

In the meantime, enjoy these: