Mental Stop Sign Moments

Every once in a while, moments pop into life that are so wonderful we can’t help but pause out of sheer goodness.

These moments are like mental stop signs, demanding a sudden reprieve from life’s chaos, to stop, look around and appreciate.

Not big, fancy, winning-an-emmy occasions…but the small, insignificant ones that drop in quietly, unannounced. The ones that make us feel like terrible people for ever complaining or having negative thoughts; for not counting our blessings every minute of everyday.

These fleeting glimpses of serenity are how we know that everything will always be ok. That we can get through anything, even the really hard stuff. Especially the really hard stuff.

Screen shot 2013-04-01 at 10.19.35 PM

At the risk of sounding like a misguided hippie, which I most certainly am not, I will say that I’ve started to think that the more we focus on the good moments, the more of them we have. The power of positive thinking is one theory that supports this, but I guess it’s also the nature of getting a little older and more mature. Learning to appreciate the good and process the bad in tandem, in all sorts of different circumstances, and always choosing to live fully.