Lila @ 14 months

Next week you’ll be 14 months old, and it preemptively upsets me that one day, I won’t know your age in months.

You’re a constant chatterbox, triumphantly proclaiming, “DAAA,” while pointing at the dogs, or showing us the dog in your books. You walk around chattering to yourself, busy busy. Constantly picking things up and moving them, leaving us interesting surprises in some unexpected places.


You’ve become a confident explorer. On walks outside after school you take in your surroundings and examine everything with great focus. You enjoy picking up rocks and moving them to new places, and running your hands through dirt. New textures fascinate you and you are intrigued by new sounds. Occasionally you’ll just sit down and stare, taking it all in.

If we ask you to “Bring us your ball,” or show us, “Where is your book,” you will dutifully wander off to retrieve it and bring it to us. If we ask you where clothes go, you will carry them through the baby gate to your hamper in your room. You sign for more, milk and all done. You blow kisses and wave (when you feel like it). You love putting your wood puzzle together and clap for yourself when you put a piece in.


You love to bounce and climb all over mom and dad. You love playing with bubbles in your bath. And eating them.

Speaking of eating, you enjoy it quite a bit. You will eat anything, and have yet to really turn anything away, except for cold brussel sprouts, which is perfectly acceptable. We sometimes have to work to stop you from feeding everything to the dogs because that is SO FUN for you.

You’ve finally stopped falling asleep in our arms before bed, which makes me sad, but you’re generally great about going to sleep and are a solid sleeper at night. Naps are finally a normal part of your routine, and you take one around noon each day.

You love being tickled, rolling around on the dog beds and spinning around in our arms. Your laugh is the single best sound in the world.

You do not love getting in your car seat, having your diaper changed or being dropped off at daycare right now.


You continue to show us what love and patience and sacrifice are all about.