I scream. You scream. Snoopy screams.

This weekend I retrieved my 1989 Snoopy ice cream maker from my Mom’s house. Aside from orthodontics, this is the most important investment from my childhood.

Does it still work? Like a champ.

And since I was able to maneuver this delightful apparatus as a wee child, I am quite confident I’ll be able to make even better frosty treats as a quasi-adult.

It’s happening this weekend, stay tuned.


I’d like these immediately, please.

No seriously, will someone bring these to my cubicle tomorrow morning? Say, around 10:30?

Bless the gal who had the creative dessert genius to envision such a delightful concoction – and double bless all the folks who put this on Pinterest so I could find it. In case you can’t see past your drool to thoroughly inspect the image below, these are tri-layer brownies, that include an oreo middle and chocolate chip cookie base.

And the name? Slutty Brownies. I swoon. Here’s the recipe…

It will be a special day in the not-so-distant future when these are created in my kitchen. And what a day that will be.

the icing on the cake

I love frosting. Love it. It’s the best part of any confection and a necessary compliment to a quality baked good.

And I don’t discriminate, either. No — I’ll eat it on graham crackers, pretzels or straight from the container with a spoon.

Some dentists people might shudder at the thought of feasting upon such a sweet treat, but those who really know what matters in life are silently high-fiving me as they read this, because we frosting aficionados are a particularly elite breed.

So can you imagine my immense joy when, while wandering through Boston, I discovered a cupcake bakery that offers frosting shots for a mere 50 cents?

JUST 50 CENTS, PEOPLE! For a beautiful and perfectly sized dose of sugary goodness.

Cheers to that!

italy is delicious

A picture’s worth a thousand words and homemade pasta’s worth every calorie.

Seafood anyone?
Oh sure.
Bruschetta is betta.
And for dessert, gelato!
This week I’ll be living at the gym. Not an ounce of regret but several ounces to lose.

Flag Day (and cake)

Today was the first time I’ve ever celebrated Flag Day or the Army’s birthday – I got a dose of both in a ceremony at work.

I have to say the entire thing was pretty moving, and gave me a new respect for how members of our military view holidays that many of us see as a day off.

I’m glad to have the perspective, and go figure, they had cake…