Writing is my jam.

Over the years, this blog has become a chronicle of adventures involving my husband, our first house, coexisting with two maniacal dogs and the occasional kitchen experiment. Oh, and then we had a baby. And then another one!

A sampling of what’s shared on this site has been published on Forbes, The Muse, Yahoo! Shine, Huffington Post, The Today Show website, Scary Mommy and other sites.

Writing about everyday experiences is a good way to remember the little things – which is usually the most important stuff. And it helps me find humor in even the most awkward and challenging moments.

PS. Hey you. Yeah, you. Blog content may not be used or reproduced without written consent.

20 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Jessica,

    I really enjoyed reading your blog on “Non-Awkward Ways to Start and End Networking Conversations” and I think it’d benefit the members of our Networking Company, McDermott & Bull Executive Search. Would you mind if I posted your blog to our site?

    1. Hi Jessica! I am having a similar issue as you did with Truly Nolen and was wondering if you could refer me to the company you switched to if you are still happily with them and if not, any company you may currently be with that is satisfactory to you? I would really appreciate it, Jessica. I have a different pest issue but I never received my moon either. May God bless you and keep on writing . . . I love to write and we are so blessed to have the gift.

  2. Hello Jessica, I read your article, “Non-Awkward Ways To
    Start And End Networking Conversations” on Forbes.com and I found
    it very informative. I currently attend college at Bentley
    University in Waltham, MA and I feel that these tips would be very
    beneficial to the members of an on-campus club I am involved with,
    85 Broads: Bentley University Chapter. Do you do speaking
    engagements in the Boston area? We would love to have you speak at
    one of our events. Thank you, Nicole Pelletier

    1. Hi Nicole, thanks so much. I’m actually a member of 85 Broads, small world! I am originally from the Boston area but currently live in Phoenix. Thank you so much for the wonderful invitation; I wouldn’t be able to travel unless the cost was covered, but would love to if that’s an option. Thanks again for reading!

  3. Hi Jessica,

    Unfortunately we are not able to cover travel costs due to limited financing. We are holding a conference in March and if you are in the Boston area we would love for you to attend. You can email me directly at pelleti_nico@bentley.edu.

    Nicole Pelletier

  4. Wow! Amazing that you have written for all of those publications! I am working on a novel and hope to be published one day! Any tips for breaking into the world of writing? So happy to have found your blog! πŸ™‚

    1. Hi there! Thank you so much! I have found that contacting websites and blogs that are similar to my writing style (and align with my interests) are often open to accepting freelance submissions. And once you get a few, you can leverage those to get more. Write all the time and don’t be afraid to take risks πŸ™‚ Hope that helps!

  5. Hello I was reading an article you wrote for the Muse and I had a question. I have tried to look around the web with no luck so I figured I could try to post here. Here is the link to the article I originally read.
    I currently work for company X, we wear a uniform daily. I have an interview for a new position within the company and the HR lady knows I am coming straight front shift for the interview. Most people outside of the company that interview for positions here wear dress pants, dress shirt, and a tie or even a suit. My question is, is it bad for me to wear the uniform?
    Thank you for your advice with this. I really enjoyed what I have read of your blog so far.

    1. Hi – I would suggest you call or email your HR contact, and in a positive way, explain that due to the timing of your interview, you will be in uniform, and ask if that’s a problem at all, or if there’s a need to reschedule so that you have time to dress more professionally. Chances are they will say no, that it’s fine, but it will show good planning to ask ahead of time. Good luck!!

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