Maya is 3

Maya: you may have turned three two weeks ago, but you’ve been gearing up for this birthday for several months it seems, with tried-and-true three-year-old behavior.

And yes, we are two weeks behind on this milestone birthday, as is the plague of second-born children.


Despite proclaiming that you are a big girl, you still love to snuggle and be held. You have soared into independent imaginative play, and can constantly be found engaged in elaborate role-playing games with toy dinosaurs and animals, complete with silly, high-pitched voices and a clear distinction between “nice guys” and “scary guys.”


You have a knack for completely destroying any semblance of a clean space, but I know every strange item placement and peculiar toy arrangement was part of a story in your head. You still love playing in water and can entertain yourself in the bath with toy animals for an incredible amount of time. You’ve also really taken to swimming this summer and have become a brave little fish. You enjoy collecting seeds outside, and painting your body, if given the chance.


Some of my favorite Maya-isms are:

  • Another scoop, please. This is used any time you want more of something, like ice cream, or for us to move further out in the pool to catch you, or when you need more space around you. I’m not sure how a scoop became a standard unit of measurement but it’s adorable.
  • Oh! We haven’t done [fill in the blank] in a little while! You constantly exclaim that we haven’t done something for a little while, like read a specific book, play a certain game or go to a designated location.
  • Told ya, I told ya! Any time we discover you were right about something we didn’t initially believe we are reminded quite forcefully.
  • Come over here quick, you can’t believe this! An exuberant comment when you want us to see something you think will surprise us.


You have an unbelievable vocabulary and speak with the most amazing enthusiasm and inflection. Your thoughts and commentary are a hilarious stream of consciousness at all hours of the day. Right before bed each night, after books, you demand we tell you “a dragon story” which is a made up tale that includes unicorns and a sharp tooth (T-Rex) and dragons and eggs and nests.


You have big feelings. When you’re mad, it is not a secret and can become a full-body reaction that involves you locking yourself in your room. But you’re fairly easy to redirect and are often happier if given a few minutes by yourself.

You are an absolute joy to be around and we are not at all upset to be quarantined at home with you.


One thought on “Maya is 3

  1. I love getting to know Maya & Lila thru your posts! Just wish I could get to know them better in person. This is a wonderful story about Maya’s 3rd birthday and the photos are adorable! Hugs to you & the kids!

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