These kids

Favorite mispronunciations of late:

Lila, age five:

  • rester-naut (restaurant)
  • constructions (instructions)
  • confuser (diffuser)

Maya, age two:

  • a-mudda one (another one)
  • sear-uhl (cereal)
  • bloons (balloons)

Lila is loving kindergarten and adjusting pretty seamlessly (mom had a harder time). She’s become a fish this summer, swimming independently and begging to go in the pool every day. The dinosaur obsession has transitioned into horses, and other favorite activities include: coloring, legos, puzzles and constructing elaborate animal scenes and habitats. Still an adventurous eater and a kind (albeit often frustrated) big sister.

Maya enjoys commenting and screaming “I naked girl, look-ah my belly” any time she gets undressed, and announcing, “I no wanna take a nap!” when her bedtime routine begins. She walks up to groups of people and casually asks, “Whatchu doing guys? Way-for-meeeee!” and when we recently told her she was getting so big, she was indignant: “I no big, I tiny! You big!” She adores her big sister, daddy, Curious George and her baby doll. She loves coloring, puzzles and water play, and any opportunity to climb and jump off things. To our delight she’s remained a total cuddle bug and boasts the best bed head around.

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