Vacation is a trip (see what I did there)

Despite all the fun and adventure, there’s disorganization and challenges when kids are taken out of their normal environment and structure. I’ve thought a lot this week about the balance Jim brings to my default parenting style, and how much that benefits the girls.

Sometimes our differences make things tough (introvert and extrovert extremes over here), but as parents our personalities somehow bring things to a happy medium. I am a worst case scenario master, he is preternaturally positive. As I have heart palpitations considering all the horrible things that might happen in any given situation, he stays steady and present.

Years ago I resented this, but now I often find myself looking to him for cues: when will he tell Lila to step back from toeing too close to something risky, without killing her confidence? When does it really not make sense to eat out with tired kids (my nightmare) vs when can we rally and make it work?

We had an awesome last day in Hawaii that he planned, and did things I never would’ve attempted with kids, but they did great and it made some incredible memories.

Now that we’re back home I’ll go back to being annoyed when he doesn’t put his underwear in the hamper, but felt the need to give this guy a shoutout for being super dad/husband/chauffeur/chef all week.

Pictures tend to show the dreamy parts of vacations, and ultimately, that’s what we remember, but believe me – there were meltdowns and challenges aplenty this week – just as there are for everyone traveling with little ones. That just means you’re doing it right.

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