Maya is 2!

Dear Maya,

On one hand, we can’t remember life before you arrived — it feels like another lifetime. But at the same time, two years has passed in the blink of an eye.

You have truly come into your own over the past few months, and your personality continues to shine. You are an observer, and process the world around you on your own time. You have become wildly determined to do everything your big sister does, and your favorite catch phrase lately is, “I do myself! I do myself!”

Whether it’s fastening your carseat buckles, brushing your teeth or opening bubbles, hell hath no fury like a toddler who received unwanted assistance in a simple task.

You have a true air of mischief to your personality. When you know you’re doing something against the rules, like climbing onto the kitchen counters or bolting away when you need a diaper change, you giggle maniacally continue to crack yourself up until the game ends.

You love to play hide and seek with Lila, and to be chased. You are remarkably good at entertaining yourself, and have an affinity for dramatic play (feeding your baby, tucking things in, patting me to sleep, etc.). Overall, we’re amazed at how well you and Lila play and interact — you have an almost twin-like secret communication style, even when you completely test your sister’s patience. It’s not perfect, but it’s often quite adorable.

Your morning bed head is a thing of beauty, but you love to tell me, “do mah hair, mommy,” because that’s what your sister gets.

You’ve started to pee on the potty all by yourself occasionally, but we have no plans for formal potty training any time soon.

You are a great night time sleeper, and share your bed with four stuffed sheep, a baby doll and your water bottle, every single night. Before bed we read books and then you sit in your glider while mom or dad sits on the floor and sings to you. You LOVE to sing, and regale us with childhood hits upon request.

I am so thankful that you are still a snuggler, and those squishes are pure redemption, even on the most challenging of days.

Your emphatic little voice legitimately makes my stomach swoon, and it’s so fun now that you are becoming so verbal. You’re stringing up to 6-7 words together and new phrases pop up each week.

You eat pretty much everything, and are a huge fan of cereal with milk, cottage cheese and any condiment you can spread all over your body.

You are very content playing by yourself or with others, but I sense more of an introvert vibe. Only time will tell.

Lately, you’ve started describing emotions of those around you. If a child is crying, you’ll point and say, “baby sad.” And just this weekend when I took away a lollipop you somehow ended up with, you screamed at me and then quieted down and whispered, “I sad.”

You’re obsessed with picking up the dog poop in the backyard, going to get the mail and taking walks in the wagon. You are less of a fan of shoes, having your hair washed and the sound of the dust buster.

We love you so very much, and each day is better because you are in it. Happy 2nd birthday sweet girl.

3 thoughts on “Maya is 2!

  1. I just love when you write these. Not only do I love your children because of these, I love you too and your adoration for your babies. Darling and precious beyond belief!

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