1F7C4657-69ED-4B6C-83D2-549419510B90.jpegWe stopped at a red light today and Lila noticed a homeless man with a sign on the street. “What do his words say, mom?” “His sign says he’s hungry, baby. Should we give him some food?” She nodded and I handed him some of the snacks we keep in the car.

And then the questions began. “Where does he sleep if he has no home? Is he thirsty? What if he has nothing to snuggle with? Is he sad? I hope other people share with him, too, cause then he’d have enough.”

I’ve played this conversation out in my head countless times since reading ‘The Power of Half.’ A child’s heart and logic can’t make sense of the inequities that exist around us. They see the fastest path toward a solution and pursue it.

A teachable moment, sure, but I’ve started to recognize that my job is less about shaping this girl into something grand. She’s already there. All our kiddos are. We just need to not get in their way.

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