Week one, with two 

“Oh! My baby is here! She’s so tiny!”

Lila’s been fascinated with Maya’s tiny ears and lack of eyebrows, and is completely calm and sweet around her, even when the baby cries or takes our attention away. She brings a stool to wherever the baby is and stands on it to get a better view of her. She loves to pet and kiss her little sister and tell people that she’s a big sister now. She brings the baby toys and pacis and has been a great helper. 

When we got home from the hospital one of Lila’s first concerns was whether my belly button was back or not. TBD, little one.

“Babies don’t eat food. They only have milk a-cuz they don’t have teef.”

“Baby’s crying, she getting a little bit angry. Maybe she needs a burp? Maybe she wanna eat from my chest?”

Several times each day she’s started dictating some version of, “You’re the mommy, and daddy’s the daddy, and I’m the big sister and that’s my baby sister.”

We’ve had some tantrums of late, but they feel more connected to being almost three and cooped up due to the heat than they do to the new baby. 

Overall the transition has been easier than I anticipated and far sweeter. But the witching hour with two kids is no joke. And that’s why there is wine. 

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