A Long Story about a Toilet Paper Rose

I’ve gotten a lot of financial advice in my life, and most of it’s been pretty good. There’s one lesson I didn’t fully learn until recently though, which is there has to be balance. Meaning, pay off debt and save enough to plan for the future, but also, go ahead and use some of  your hard-earned money. Find the balance that positions you securely but supports your sanity.

We save for retirement. We save for emergencies. We save enough to give to charities we believe in. Who’s been a saver her entire life? This girl. 

But today I did something I’ve never done in my whole life and paid to have our house professionally cleaned. Because we have two dogs. And two jobs. And a toddler. 
Because I could not physically bring myself to clean the bathroom with a butternut squash-sized human in my belly. 

Because we don’t have cable and I rock coupons at the grocery store and literally don’t know the last time I got my nails done. 

But I needed this. 

I’ve often thought critically about people who hire house cleaners. I saw it as a frivolous expense and something we could manage ourselves (and I guess it’s easy for me to say because my husband is the one that mops the floors and cleans the kitchen). I just always tend to think about what else I could do with the money I saved…but then I would just continue to save…and never do anything with it. 

Here’s what finally swayed me. I know damn well that when I stop one day to look back on my life, I’ll have far more regrets about missing out on family time because I was vacuuming than I would about spending a bit more this month to make our lives a lot easier. I’ll regret not treating myself once in a while in order to be a better wife and mom. 

This isn’t something we’ll do all the time, but when I got home today, the house looked, smelled and felt fabulous. So I therefore felt fabulous. And please, please just look at this magnificent toilet paper rose I walked in to see in the bathroom. If this isn’t worth a little splurge I do not know what is. 

Everyone has their own approach to finances and I know it’s not a simple one size fits all. But I also know I feel really good about this decision. And that toilet paper rose is a thing of beauty. 

7 thoughts on “A Long Story about a Toilet Paper Rose

  1. I go back and forth on this. Everyone I know that uses a cleaning services does not regret it and always says they wished they did so sooner. I always feel it would be for the same reason you say, more time with your family. I need to just to a one time trial to get my feet wet:)

  2. That paper toilet rose is amazing! Now I feel jibbed by my housecleaner! We started getting one after Fox was born and it was seriously the best investment ever. I’m a saver too and I had a hard time justifying it, but it’s worth it for me.

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