Lila at 21-ish months

Common Words & Expressions: Oh no, bye-bye, hiiii, good girl Lila, I see, Lila poo, bubble, puzzle, doggie, Molly (our dog), cahh (color), woof woof, night-night, gaffy (glasses), caw (car), buh (book), uh huhhhhh, potty, fah-chee (flower), chah (chalk), slide, ticky-ticky (tickle, tickle), fah (frog), peeeeese (please), tah-chu (thank you).

Longest Sentence: “I see poo, mama.”

Favorite Foods: Avocado, blueberries, popsicles, pretzels, smoothies, and shakes, ice chips, and anything you can feed yourself with a spoon, or dip in ketchup.

Fun Tricks: Climbing into the carseat, climbing onto the coffee table, climbing onto our barstool chairs (yes, there’s a theme here). Playing night-night and covering up stuffed animals with blankets and saying ‘shhh’ and patting them. Drawing with chalk outside or inside on your easel, putting on glasses/sunglasses, putting on soap or lotion, stacking cups and blocks like a boss. Dancing to Ring Around the Rosy and singing along to the The Wheels on the Bus. Putting all kinds of puzzles together, picking flowers and going to get the mail. Pointing out dog poop and insisting we pick it up immediately.

Dislikes: Going to bed, napping at school, getting sunblock put on your face, having anyone play with your hair, and anything that slows you down.

Lila you are SO FUN right now and bursting with personality and chatter. It’s amazing being able to interact and communicate in so many ways, and really get to know you as a tiny person. You are expressive and joyful, and love laughing and being silly. You are occasionally shy around strangers and new places, but take off as soon as you warm up. You love giving hugs and exuberant kisses and being chased around the house. You confidently march into school by yourself and know exactly where to go and what to do. You enjoy your bath each night and snuggling with blankies in your crip. You wake up happy and giggling with righteous bed head, always ready to start the day.




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