An update from Toddler Town.

Verbal explosions arrive just as friends warn they will, and just when you’re afraid they won’t. They are equal parts fascinating and alarming, and can be broken down into the following categories (think: Jeopardy): animals/animal sounds, exclamations/commands, names, random objects and body parts/clothing.

“I’ll take repeated monosyllabic screams for $500, Alex.”

Here’s a current break down:

Animals/Animal Sounds
Jaff (giraffe), dowg (dog), cah-cah (kitty cat), owl (pretty solid pronunciation here), buh (bird), duh (duck), cuh-cuh (chicken), moooooo (that’s a cow), hoooo-hoooo (synonym for owl – get your mind out of the gutter). She oinks like a pig and roars like a lion, and when she whinnies – I just die.

No. Ohh noo (each word two syllables). Uh oh. Whoa. Uppa, dow, ow (up, down, out). All duh (done), muh-muh (more), MY (mine, always shouted), herro, hiiiiii, buh-bye.

Mama. Dada. Buh-ba (baby). Liiilahhhh (any time she sees her reflection). Oh, and ELMO.

Random Objects
Cah (car, with a Boston accent). Vroommmm (applies to cars, trucks, buses, trains), ba-ba (ball), chay (chair), buh-bull (bubble), puh-pull, yerro, guh (purple, yellow, green), bhah (bath). Side, siii (slide, swing).

Body Parts/Clothing
Nose, elbow, tuh (toe), shoooz (shoes), sah (socks).

She also makes this really consistent yet indistinguishable sound for airplanes – no clue – sorry kiddo.

This is in no way a brag list. The deeper I get into motherhood, the more I face this subtle sense of competition some parents seem to generate around kiddos hitting milestones. #letthembelitte should be followed with #letusstayhumble. At any rate, I list these things in blog form because I want to remember them. (And let’s be honest, my pre-mom memory is on unpaid leave.)

I love this phase and the endless discoveries. I love watching her decisions and intentions come into play. Her physical strength and determination astound me along with her sheer understanding of just about everything. There are frustrating moments, and messy and loud moments but mostly purely magical moments.

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