10 Notes to Self for 2016

Whether it’s the dwindling holiday sugar high, or my brainwaves centering to normal after some time off work, these are things I want to remember as we approach the new year.

1. Write more. Without considering the audience.

2. Take lots of walks. Summer will be here before we know it (not to be pessimistic butttttt it’s Phoenix) and I’ll be jonesing for the chance to exist outdoors without heatstroke.

3. Read my own books aloud to Lila. I did this when she was first born but have lapsed. It’s such a win though: quality time together, she hears more words and I get a blessed reprieve from Sandra Boynton. 

4. Listen to way more podcasts. I’m horrified to admit that I just started Serial. WHY DID I WAIT SO LONG? And Unorthodox is just too good.

5. Don’t worry twice. There are some things you plan for and take necessary precautions to prevent. But other stuff will just plain go wrong. Either way you spin it, it’s lame to spend chunks of time idly preoccupied.

6. Use your turn signals. Lately I’ve become an ass in this regard. My bad.

7. Make better eye contact. Ante up, introvert. 

8. Self care. It’s an ongoing and ever-so-important game of connect the dots. If it doesn’t happen, you’re left staring at a speckled page with glazed eyes and no motivation. Maybe it’s a glass of wine, a killer workout in the living room, baking muffins, browsing the aisles at Goodwill or spending the day in yoga pants. Whatever it is, DO it.

9. Be less fearful. Trust your instincts. See # 5. 

10. Do not stress about laundry. Ever. 


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