I don’t wash my hair (and other beauty secrets)

I have fine curly hair that I sometimes straighten and style, but mostly just accept as something that protects my scalp and gets really obnoxious in humidity.

I spent years battling it with straighteners and blow-outs and expensive pomades and tinctures. I did highlights and lowlights and treatments galore. And then, I stopped.

I stopped coloring it. I stopped getting fancy haircuts. I just let it be, mostly out of laziness and being cheap. So sadly, this post will not reveal some best-kept-secret product from a foreign land.

What’s funny though is in the past few months, all these people have started complimenting my hair and asking what I use on it. And I feel like a giant phony baloney because it’s quite literally nothing. I posted this dressing room selfie today because I thought the shirt was funny, but everyone just commented on my hair. WHAT.

So I’ve decided to let the cat our of the bag and finally share my secret approach to haircare.


  1. I get $13 haircuts at Great Clips.
  2. I use whatever products seem the least toxic and are under $10.
  3. I condition my hair everyday but wash it maybe once or twice a week. (I know that sounds gross but if you have curly hair you understand.)
  4. I drink Shakeology once a day.

I think the differentiator is Shakeology, it just never really dawned on me until recently. But ever since I started drinking it, my hair has been stronger, shinier and healthier. It’s not just the incredible nutrients in the shakes, but the way your body is able to absorb them in the shake formulation (whereas you pee out most vitamins, womp). I call these #magicshakes for lots of reasons, and I guess haircare is falling into the mix now too.

So, there you have it. I expect Cosmo to call me for an interview any minute now that this is public.

If you’d like to try these shakes I speak of, shoot me an email. I’ll even explain how to get them at a discount: jesstaylorfitness@gmail.com

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