focused fear

This weekend my yoga teacher spoke of fearlessness, and identifying where your fears are focused. It’s often not on the immediate or tangible things we might mention. Rather, it’s the much larger but harder-to-define impact that we blame, sometimes without even knowing it.

In this case, leaving a comfortable corporate job and paycheck created short-term fear about paying bills and measuring success among one’s peers. But the larger fear of not being truly happy is what spurred this person to act.

What if I leave this job and can’t make $xx and pay my rent?

What if I stay in this job and in 10 years realize I’ve wasted some of my best years in an unfulfilling role?

It made me think about how often I’ve stayed in situations or fled situations as a result of my short-term fears, without focusing enough on my long-term ones. Without identifying the underlying force, it’s hard to ever address it.


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