Three Day Refresh: Review and Results

I’ve always been extremely against the idea of “cleanses” or “juice fasts” or anything that restricts normal eating. The way I see it, I’m blessed with a healthy body and my organs take care of all of that for me by design. I’ve spent years watching eating disorders plague people I love and I’ve always thought the cleansing mentality was silly. Maybe instead of drinking lemon water and kale juice for a week, you could just stop eating crap full of toxins to begin with…?

I digress.

I try to make good food choices most of the time. Not all the time. I know what’s best for my body and I also know that life is short and a balance is required to fully enjoy it. Sometimes that means eating cupcakes and pizza and nachos without an ounce of remorse.

That being said, sometimes I struggle with that balance when things get really off track. After a vacation, for example, or when I have all kinds of work events in a week, with too many catered meals. I’ve learned that when I get too far off track, it’s challenging to get back on the clean eating train.

When this happens, I need a little kick in the pants to reset my mental and physical focus on my health, and the Three Day Refresh is the best way I’ve ever found to do this. It’s an easy three-day plan that guides you through eating fruits and veggies, healthy fats, protein and fiber drinks and Shakeology. Sounds weird, I know, but it truly wasn’t. I did this during the work week and it was easy. The hardest part was when my dear husband made quesadillas last night, but I stayed strong!

I resisted trying this program forever, because of the reasons stated above, but finally tried it this week. I just finished it and am wildly impressed. I feared I’d be starving and HANGRY and unable to focus, and that I wouldn’t lose any weight. The food servings seemed tiny and this girl LOVES to eat.

Lo and behold, I finished up yesterday and am blown away by this badboy. I followed the plan exactly as specified for three days and was never hungry. No dizziness or weakness and I still worked out. I liked all the food choices and I was amazed how good I felt just after day one. At the end of three days, I felt completely refreshed (no pun intended) and my cravings were gone. Best of all, I had a totally renewed focus on what I was putting into my body.

Following this plan really made me evaluate when I was eating out of boredom, or as an emotional response, and how much of my daughter’s food I ‘test’ everyday and share with her. It felt great to have spent three days with a completely clean and preservative-free diet, with no sodium or sugar added.


I lost three pounds, breaking past a long-standing plateau, but I’m honestly way happier about how I feel, and I’m definitely adding this into a monthly rotation.

If you’re interested in learning more, feel free to comment below, or email me questions []. This product is actually on sale for rest of the month when you purchase Shakeology, or by itself here (just click on shop on the top right and then select Three Day Refresh). And if you’re skeptical, fret not, there’s a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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