Some favorite things:

1. Reusable straws. I got a 6-pack for $5 on Amazon after realizing how many disposable ones we were going through. I always prefer to drink from a straw and these are durable and dishwasher safe. And pretty.

2. Everyday Shea Vanilla Mint body wash. On sale for $8 at Sprouts and has the most refreshing scent for summer.

3. Essential Oils diffuser. I pretty much always have candles burning, but this allows me to get a great scent into our home with different healing properties, depending on which oils you choose to use. Peppermint is my favorite so far.  
4. The human equivalent of a dog crate seems to be a play yard. We needed a place where Lila could safely play while we get ready for work, and this seems to suit her just fine in small doses.   5. Chocolate Vegan shakeology. I used to be loyal to vanilla, but wanted to try a formulation without dairy (whey), and this flavor and consistency amazes me. It’s the healthiest form of dessert around. I am a Beachbody coach and sell Shakeology, so let me know if you’d like more information. 

6. Hoola. Not a new find, I’ve used it for a decade, but an unwavering favorite product. Works as all-over powder or bronzer and a box lasts forever.  
7. Resistance bands. These are cheap at any athletic store, or Target, and a great way to change up workouts. I used to use these all the time and recently started again. Using a band creates constant resistance in all directions, activating more muscles and in new ways.  

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