A Baby’s Guide to Google

Since my daughter was born last summer, I estimate I have Googled no less than 2,000 queries related to different aspects of parenting. I’m tremendously thankful for this plethora of easily accessible information, serving as a 24/7 new-parent concierge. Where else would I find immediate answers to my endless, burning questions about baby poop?

But what’s often a blessing can in time become a curse. I something think Google is an enabler, preventing me from relying on perfectly good instincts with the nagging fear that there might be a better/easier/less-tiger-momish way.

Some of my searches fall into the straightforward new mom category. These feel relatively normal:

How to swaddle newborn

Correct temperature water to mix formula

Two-month shots

But there have also been the less typical ones that would make more seasoned moms smile.

What causes green baby poop

Best Pandora station for infants

Why baby obsessed with ceiling fan

And of course, those that fall into the category of straight up desperation:

Why won’t baby ever stop crying

When will baby sleep through night

Sometimes I wonder if the tables were turned, and my 10-month-old could Google, what her list of searches would include. Here are 10 items I think I’d find among her searches:

  1. Why is my working mom always stressed?
  2. How much sleep do adults really need? Why won’t mom play at 3 a.m.?
  3. What is a hangover and can I catch it?
  4. Convincing my parents I need a later bedtime.
  5. Easy ways to avoid bath time.
  6. How to steal an iPhone, beginner’s guide
  7. Vomiting on ugly clothes to avoid wearing them.
  8. Hot jammie trends for 2015.
  9. Learning to burp on your own.
  10. How to master peek-a-boo.



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