dear daughter

Sometimes I know you more completely than I could ever know myself. I watch you with a perspective that is both outside looking in, and inside looking out. The shape of your lips, the tiny dimples on your hands, the way your breath changes as you succumb to sleep — those unbreakable details are etched in my mind like a habit.

Other times, I’m so struck by the wonder of your existence that I can’t help but feel distanced from you, if only in the sense that I’m not worthy of knowing you fully. You feel too amazing to have been a part of me, and parts of you seem to change so imperceptibly I struggle to keep up with and experience every moment.

It’s an ebb and flow of loveliness. Our own unique rhythm of love. Predictably chaotic and perfectly real.

2 thoughts on “dear daughter

  1. pure poetry. xo  ( I experienced the same thoughts  re: you so many times, but lacked the eloquence to express it)

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