Beautifully messy madness 

A friend sent me a sweet compliment tonight, expressing admiration for how I’m (apparently) balancing a career, a family and fitness coaching. And I thanked her. And then I laughed, and told her that she is crazy because my life often feels like legit chaos. 

It never feels like we’re doing it right, does it? Or well enough? But I think we are and we just don’t recognize it. Too busy on the hamster wheel to smell the roses.

Tonight I ate microwaved scrambled eggs and broccoli for dinner. The baby screamed bloody murder for 30 minutes when we put her down. Jim and I are both tired and working in silence. The kitchen is a messsss and I haven’t finished unpacking from my weekend trip. And I had three cavities filled yesterday, so there’s that. 

I looked around skeptically after receiving my friend’s kind words and wondered what I’m possibly doing right. I have a gazillion emails to get through, people I owe calls to and miscellaneous projects to finish. It sometimes feels like I’m trying to swim up a waterfall. 

But this chaos is almost completely self imposed, and few things I feel pressure to do are all that important. 

So tonight I’m going to give myself grace, and accept that unexpected compliment in all its glory. It’s ok to embrace the beautifully messy madness that makes our lives so sweet. 


7 thoughts on “Beautifully messy madness 

  1. My house is only clean because we had people over tonight. Usually it is cluttered chaos just like my brain. Being a parent means prioritizing. You’re doing great! xo

  2. Hi,

    I’m a follower of your blog since having a baby a week after yours was born. I’m always amazed by how our lives seem to run parallel. I sought SO much comfort in your words in the early, crazy days of motherhood. Days that can be only described as ‘crazy’ in every sense of the word.. Crazy happy, crazy emotional, crazy hectic and crazy both long and quick days. Your post hit me tonight, as well. After I put the baby down, I went back downstairs to ‘clean up’ which tonight, meant turn off the kitchen light, haha! I looked around and thought, ‘ugh, what a mess’. When you posted the picture, it was a mirror image to my kitchen, and I literally have not unpacked from a weekend trip as well… I came back upstairs (laughed in the shower’s face as I walked by it) and continued into bed, all while letting go of work stress to taking on mom stress… Am I making enough baby food vs buying the so convenient pre-packaged baby food, is he eating enough variety, do I have ONE clean onesie for the next day to send to daycare? …the usual thoughts.. And I open my email to a similar comment from my friend about ‘how wonderful I’m doing and juggling it all’. And you’re right, maybe (and of course we are) doing just fine and actually, a great job. It’s funny the stress we impose upon ourselves and then you look at that baby with their gummy smile and they’re just thinking ‘hey mom, what a fun day we had. I’m glad you showed me your new tricks you love to show me…smiling, smacking your hands together over and over and moving your hand open and closed while saying ‘hi’. You learn the best tricks while you’re away.’ All they want is all they have, love and attention. They certainly don’t mind the messy counters. We should embrace them while they still can’t reach them! Anyways, a little long winded but I love your blog and it truly helped me so much in those early days. Some were rough and your words really hit home. It’s nice to see all sides of motherhood being represented by mothers. We’re all trying our best and sometimes need reminding that that’s all we can really do. Keep writing! Thanks! – Kim (mother of an 8 month old and 4 months pregnant) 😊

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    1. Kim – thank you so much for writing. Your comment made me get all warm and fuzzy and I wish I could high five (and fist bump) you through the interwebz! Thank you for taking the time to read, comment and be honest about motherhood. This seriously made my day and I am so happy we connected.

      1. I’m so glad we connected too! I love reading your posts because I feel like they’re my thoughts in writing. I can’t believe these babies are mine months. It’s truly unbelievable to think about how much they’ve transformed. Thanks for responding!

  3. As a working mom to two small people I totally get this. Last week my daughter (5) was sick so off school, then I got sick so another day off. When I returned to work after two days away (and feeling just a little guilty) someone commented “it’s just amazing how you juggle work with two young children. Go you”. So it’s a big “you rock” to all the working moms (and dads) out there doing the big juggling act.

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