The milkshake heard ’round the world (…and the joy of being proven wrong)

It doesn’t always sound like a good time, but sometimes I really like being proven wrong, simply because it’s funny (and good for the ego). I’ve decided to share one such recent experience in hopes of publicly humbling myself and maybe helping others out there.

Let’s go back a few months. In November, Lila started full-time daycare and I went back to work. And, as we’d been warned, she was sick almost immediately. And then again. And again. Ear infections, RSV, stomach bugs, all kinds of boogery nose things and who knows what else. Everything she caught she graciously shared with the household, and I was feeling sick about half of the time. Add that to the unique level of new-working-mom exhaustion and a wakeful infant and I was pretty beat up. I compared the feeling to permanent jet lag. I could pull it together when I needed to, but felt like I was floating and permanently wanted to nap. I worked out, ate well, slept when I could and still felt like tired, sick and unfocused. I realized that I hadn’t really felt like myself since pre-pregnancy, and wondered if this haze would ever go away.

I shared this story with a friend who suggested I try the type of protein/superfood shake she was using. I quite literally scoffed in her face, and wrote the idea off as something lame I would never try.

Fortunately for me, this friend is kind and persistent, and asked again if I wanted to try the shakes. Here are some of the reasons why I declined:

– They’re expensive.
– It’s a pyramid scheme.
– I eat healthy and organic foods and don’t need it.
– Protein shakes taste gross.

I had every excuse in the book NOT to try them, but when my immune system took another beating in January, I was desperate. I ordered the shakes, confident I would be returning them for a refund in a few weeks.

And then, the glorious realization that I was dead wrong. For whatever reason, I now refer to them as my magic shakes. I’ve had one a day for about two months and am not kidding when I say I’ve never felt better. I am FINALLY back to myself, and have more energy and focus than ever. I realize that when I talk about them, I sound like a paid infomercial, but here’s the thing. I only get like this, all soapbox-y, when I am really passionate about something.

Those excuses I listed above? Every one of them was disproven. The price point is where it is because of the ingredients. Ingredients that I took into two stores in an attempt to replicate, and was laughed out the door because of the prices of each individual one. It’s not a scheme, it’s a simple structure that makes me wish I invented it, because I’d be a millionaire. I do try to eat healthy, and organic, but these have rare ingredients and superfoods I’d never get on a regular basis. They are delicious, and come with dozens of recipes for making all sorts of combinations and flavors.

Aside from better energy and overall health (I haven’t gotten sick once, minus food poisoning last week — take that, daycare germs!), my hair is longer and shinier, my skin has improved and I’m sleeping better. I feel happier and more centered. While I’ve always worked out a lot, no denying that, my body is shedding fat at a crazy rate right now. In less than three weeks on these I had better abs than pre-pregnancy. It kind of makes me laugh because it seems as improbable as it sounds, but for now I just consider myself lucky to be on this track.

I recently became as a coach with the company because I love this stuff and can’t stop talking about it to everyone. Basically that means I’m authorized to sell these shakes and a lot of other fitness products. I have never sold anything in my life–not even girl scout cookies–so this should be entertaining if nothing else. I’m a tad bashful to post before and after pics on here (and it would freak my older brother out) but I am happy to email them to you to show what I’m talking about. Feel free to check out my coach site ( where you can order the shakes if you’re still reading and my crazy narrative has you convinced (just click on ‘shop’ on the top right and then ‘shakeology’).  I would be happy to give you lots more information and answer any questions or talk at you ad nauseam about this experience for no extra charge.

I debated sharing this on here for all kinds of reasons, but truth telling always wins. So there you have it, the joy of being proven completely wrong and loving it.



7 thoughts on “The milkshake heard ’round the world (…and the joy of being proven wrong)

  1. We aren’t in daycare but I watch my niece and nephew during the day and they are always sick and always giving it to Jack. He’s had three colds, RSV that really knocked him down the beginning of this month, and now has the stomach bug that I’m just waiting to catch 😦 I had a meltdown about him getting so sick again.. we definitely need some of that shake in this house!

  2. Do you have to be a workout-er to use these shakes? Or are they a good addition to any tired Mommy’s day? Even ones who haven’t managed to squeeze exercise back into their life?

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