Here we are, six months old.

Dear Lila,

It’s hard to believe you are six months old. That every day, for half a year, we’ve been blessed with your presence, nurtured your every need and been forever changed to the core.

You entered the world and we were clueless. Our love for you felt a little funny as we got to know you and gradually shed the clumsiness that surrounds new parents. We struggled. There were tears and short tempers and frantic Google searches. But now we are seasoned. We know you. Our lives have adapted to place you at the center and it’s not worth reminiscing about “before,” because any memory without you is somehow empty.

You are a delight. Your constant smiles light up your whole face and your shrieks and babbles are infectious. You are inquisitive and engaged, calmly absorbing your surroundings and eager to explore anything new. Watching you learn and grow is an exceptional privilege.

You make us laugh with your quizzical expressions and deep sighs. We have to work for giggles, but that sound is worth all the ridiculous effort.

You are our constant teacher. Of patience and sacrifice. Of joy and of fear.

You are growing and thriving and I thank God every day for you. Your health and happiness are sacred gifts for which We readily sacrifice our own. You’ve brought me to a place where prayer has new meaning; I feel the Holy Spirit in your presence.

Time goes so quickly, it’s true what they say. And the love for a child is so deep, so soul altering, that it subtly reminds you of the finality of moments. That certain things are finite and must be soaked up before they vanish. All the seemingly endless tasks — the monotonous chores we do again and again — will one day be memories. So we don’t dwell, and rather, we quietly embrace them as part of this journey.

We love you more than any words can explain, sweet girl, and thank you for all the joy you bring.



3 thoughts on “Here we are, six months old.

  1. such a beautiful expression of love and consciousness that Lila is a precious giftReading this was a touching way to start today Love you my amazing daughter xo

  2. What a deep and profound post. You express your thoughts and feelings so beautifully! And talk about kissable cheeks and roly-poly thighs!! Can’t wait to meet my great-niece! (Note, new email address)

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