This is Sunday.

I was excited to see a package being delivered today, until I realized it was just the stamps I was too tired/lazy to buy this week and ordered on Amazon. Free shipping does things to me.

While changing the toilet paper in our guest bathroom today, I accidentally dropped the entire new roll into the toilet.

My best friend just delivered a bag of prom dresses to my mom’s house in Tucson, which is a long story.

The baby is starting to sit and roll (!) and is currently holding my lap hostage while she naps. I’m learning that having a child makes you simultaneously hurry up and slow down, all according to someone else’s schedule.

Chicken soup in the crockpot. Clean sheets on our bed. Empty dishwasher. PILES of dirty laundry that haven’t been touched.

It’s 4 p.m. and I’m wearing pajamas and my glasses.

2 thoughts on “This is Sunday.

  1. I felt pretty judged today by a co-worker (her eye roll and verbatim response “I could NEVER do that”) pretty much said it all when she asked me what I did this weekend and I answered that I didn’t get out of my pajamas on Saturday. I’m 6 months pregnant and stopped sleeping, oh… 6 months ago? Her response made me feel pretty self-conscious… until I read this post. To your 4pm pj’s and glasses, I say, “Thank you” and “Amen, sister!”

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