I love love

One of my favorite beginnings to a song is Inches and Falling by The Format.

I love Love
I love being in love
I don’t care what it does to me.

In high school I figured love was an infatuation. Doing everything with someone, having deep, meaningful eye contact on a regular basis, and slow dancing a lot. Love in college meant a lot of new experiences managing adult feelings and youthful emotions.

I learned a lot about love from a lot of different people, but the older I get the more I understand what it really means. Not for everyone, but for me.

Yes, it’s sometimes a lot of corny things, but it’s built on the things that only matter to you. There’s no set of rights and wrongs or must haves that define love, it’s only what you make it and take from it.

In our house, love is lots of different things. It’s knowing when it’s your turn to clean up dog vomit. Having a special language of weird words, phrases and voices, just for each other. Ordering what you know I really wanted, so that I can eat half of it, because I was silly and ordered a salad.

Love is brushing your teeth in the guest bathroom to let your partner sleep. It’s tickling each other when we’re having a bad day and doing the laundry when we’d rather watch tv.

Love is support and trust, laughing, screaming and communicating. Sometimes it’s an emotional ride, other times it’s boring. And it’s all ok. I love love, I love being in love, I don’t care what it does to me.

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