my break up with the elliptical machine

I think most people either love working out or really do NOT love working out. I’m among the first group; exercise makes me happy and keeps me sane. It fixes bad days and continually reminds me how much room there is outside my comfort zone.

Over the years I’ve tried it all. Pilates, distance running, hot yoga, crossfit, circuit training and trekking up mountains. I’ve belonged to every gym chain in Phoenix and have more options for workout clothes than evening wear.

About six years ago I started having trouble with one of my wrists that really inhibited my ability to work out. It was consistently sore and weak and made my hand felt cold and numb. Resting it didn’t help, nor did wearing an expensive brace. I saw doctors, physical therapists and orthopedic surgeons. I spent hours in physical therapy, had x-rays and MRIs and one really unpleasant cortisone shot. And none of it worked. At one point, a reputable surgeon told me, “You might just have a bad wrist.”

Seriously. Six+ years of this.

A year ago it was worse than ever and I sought the advice of a different orthopedic office. At that point, my mobility was significantly limited and I had stopped many of the activities I loved. I learned I had a cyst in my wrist that had damaged the surrounding nerves and tissue. The surgeon wanted to remove it immediately, but was unsure how I would recover, based on how long I had been suffering without a proper diagnosis.

My surgery was in March 2013 and recovery was pretty painful. I was dismayed to discover much of the pain remained, and my numbness had increased.

That’s when I decided to try a different kind of work out. I broke up with the elliptical and Smith machine and I’ve never looked back. Check out this video or click on the thumbnail below to see what I’m talking about, I created it as a testimonial/thank you to the team. Let me know if you want to give it a try.

3 thoughts on “my break up with the elliptical machine

  1. That’s pretty amazing. Glad your wrist is feeling back to normal. Is that gym a chain? What is their approach to fitness?

    1. Right now it’s a single location…their mindset is that physical and mental strength come together, and that through a series of very specific exercises your body can overcome any deficiency and regain complete functionality…they help kids/adults with injuries, MS, brain trauma, etc, as well as your everyday exerciser. I love it!!

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