three things on wednesday

Two nights ago I got REALLY ANGRY because I was trying to sleep and my husband was snoring. I had to – get this – walk from my bedroom ALL THE WAY to the couch (where I slept comfortably for eight hours). I huffed and I scowled and I ultimately had to walk 17 feet to find another comfortable bed, in my warm house, in my safe neighborhood, etc, etc. Pretty torturous. Reminds me of last week when I almost cried because I was so hungry after working out and all I really, really wanted a turkey sandwich. The thought consumed me. I could hardly breathe. Beware: all logical perspective sails right out the window when one becomes extremely fatigued or hungry.

Tonight I did 100 push ups. The actual process kind of sucked, but forcing myself through it was a reminder of how fun it is to accomplish new things, if for nothing else than the satisfaction you feel when you achieve them. We get a lot of this feeling when we’re kids because we’re constantly mastering new things like little high-tech learning machines, and we’re acutely aware of our new abilities and skills. As adults, we start to take the learning process for granted and stop noticing our progress. Adults need recognition and confidence boosters too, but perhaps not always through calisthenics.

I have watched every episode of Seinfeld so many times that sometimes when it’s on at night I forget  it’s a made-up sitcom and not a real part of my life. I start remembering episodes as my own memories and not works of fiction. While seemingly problematic and INSANE, it’s actually kind of comforting. Like hanging out with old friends where I don’t have to talk and the comfort zone is implied.

4 thoughts on “three things on wednesday

  1. 1: Oddly enough, the nightly migration thing is a regular event at our place, except it’s me retreating from a snoring wife. And now I’m ashamed of feeling angry… :0)
    2: I’ve been exercising regularly for about three months now, and I, too, am enjoying the sense of accomplishment that comes with it. That, and the prospect of living past 40.
    3: I’m rewatching M*A*S*H right now, and I feel about it exactly the comfortable homecoming sort of way you feel about Seinfeld. Something about Hawkeye’s laugh makes me feel right at home, like I’m in the Swamp sampling the still right along with them.

  2. I have a similar relationship with the show Friends. Why can I remember lines and quotes DECADES later yet I probably would fail physics (again) if I had to retake it as I can’t remember ANYTHING I learned.

  3. I actually came to your blog from your article about internal dept interviewing and never leave comments on people’s blogs. BUT I must say brave you and the snoring. I personally don’t know how people sleep with someone who snores. Well it’s true I’m single and do love my luxurious sleep. So I feel for you and the snoring situation (I’ve been there with a big snorer….medium sized snorer I can deal with and small snorer is even cute. But major snorer – OMG no. anyway I like the appearance of your blog. off to eat and relax for evening so no time to look at things online now. take care. Christine

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