Facebook is your crazy uncle.

The juxtaposition of different posts in my Facebook feed never ceases to amaze me. In the span browsing for two minutes I learned of a birth, a death, a handful of recipes, some interesting news stories and what a friend learned to grill this weekend. And it’s just Tuesday. Things really kick up on the weekends.

It’s kind of bizarre to receive news this way, with no lead up to the good or warning preceding the bad. It’s representative of the randomness of life altogether, but really bizarre when all jumbled together. Makes me wonder if people would still share what they do if shown how their story was positioned amongst others.

That’s actually what I think makes Facebook so hysterical. Love it or hate it, the fact that I can see highlights of older relatives playing games Candy Crush next to pictures high school friends potty training their kiddos is a beautiful thing. Last week a friend’s engagement photo shoot showed up next to an ad for BioCell Collagen Capsules. It’s no wonder I have crazy dreams; I check Facebook before bed and drift to sleep with fresh images of football rants, religious quotes and cute dog videos.

Facebook is awesome for lots of reasons, mainly the friendships it’s allowed me to maintain over lots of years and thousands of miles, but it’s a mixed bag some times…the web version of your crazy uncle who’s sort of charming but mostly offensive, all rolled into one.


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