Since Last Thanksgiving (part 4)

Time for the 2013 edition. Lots of older Thanksgiving reflections went down in 2012,  2011 and 2010.

Since last Thanksgiving I…

Camped out at a four-day country music festival. Minimal showering, maximum entertainment.

Was elected to the Board of Directors of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Arizona.

Sold a first house, bought a house. We have a garage now, and a fireplace like legit grown ups.

Celebrated my second wedding anniversary.

Had surgery on my wrist.

Traveled to LA, Boston, San Diego, DC, Chicago, Philadelphia, San Fran and Denver.

Journeyed to Singapore and Vietnam for an epic two-week jaunt with Jim, Dan and Jenny.

Turned 30. It’s awesome. Great friends planned a surprise party that was perfect.

Became a big fan of The NewsroomHomeland and The Mindy Project.

Wandered across Arizona…threw axes at the Renaissance Festival, went tubing down the Salt River, toured the Queen Mine in Bisbee and tasted wine in Wilcox.

Paid off my car.

Watched a lot of friends become parents to adorable little humans.

Saw fun. perform for the fourth time, and Tegan and Sara for the first time (then found out my husband is related to T&S). Also saw and loved The Book of Mormon.

Did my first pull-up, ever. And mastered a whole bunch of other physical feats at an amazing new gym. To say this place is life-changing is an understatement.

Hiked a lot and went to brunch a lot. Two lovely but unrelated pastimes that I think are divine.

Created a freelance writing portfolio. Later broke up with a company I did freelance writing for, in a flurry of passive aggressiveness.

Got promoted.

Became mildly obsessed with antique stores.

Prayed more.

Gave more.

5 thoughts on “Since Last Thanksgiving (part 4)

  1. Love your appreciation of all things big and small! I am so proud of you on so many levels! And, I love your writing! Thanks for sharing your talent! XXOO Aunt Diane

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