birdbaths and corn and reasons to be happy

Today didn’t start off perfectly. I woke up tired, the hot water heater wasn’t working and I realized once I got to work that I forgot to put on makeup. Fortunately, things turned around.

1. The Red Sox are headed to the ALCS.


2. It’s nice enough to hike with the dog, without risking heat exhaustion, as indicated on scary park signs.


3. This shirt.


4. This is how I sometimes find my dog sleeping.


5. I’m obsessed with the birdbath at our new house.


6. My date to the cardinals game this weekend.

photo_57. A triumph on the slackline.

photo_68. This photo my brother sent me of a man walking his EAR OF CORN.

photo_89. Surprises in the mail from friends.


10. The comfort of this.


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