I’m a smidge high on life.

I’m in a good place. Everything is kind of awesome and I feel like a super hero on crack (or bath salts…I think those are the new crack).

Normally when things are terrific, I sabotage my euphoria by panicking about the moment things could go south, completely diluting my happiness with the fear of future mishaps.

Not today. Nuh uh.

Today I’m just being. I feel full in a greater sense than having had spaghetti for dinner (which I did), but in a way that feels like a full-body hug.

Instead of worrying about what ifs and what might happen to derail what I’m feeling (or what anyone reading this will presume I’m smoking), I’m feeling grateful and in control of my surroundings.

The logical sliver of my brain trying to take up residence and process these feelings was issued a temporary eviction notice. The parts of me that instinctively revert to worrying about everything are on paid leave.

Life can be a beautiful mess at times; challenging, sad, scary and even boring. That’s life.

But it also can be a friggin’ miracle — an astounding compilation of adventure and wonder. And these wonderful moments, however fleeting they might be, are worth embracing wholeheartedly.



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