In other news, I have a fanny pack.

Against my better judgment, I shed the final remnants of my youthful dignity and went running with a fanny pack tonight. It’s purple, and I purchased it last week in a moment that can only be explained as Being 30.

Running while holding keys, a phone and a dog leash is a recipe for disaster; I have the scars to prove it. My magical pack o’ goodness has given me new hope though, and I’ve spent the better part of the evening envisioning all the activities I can now engage in hands-free. This is the cardio version of switching from dial-up to DSL. Everything is faster and easier and better.

But back to the run, let me tell you, it was a most FREEING experience. I may have been striding down a hot asphalt road, but for all I knew, it was a serene, dewy meadow.

These things could make a wild comeback at any moment (along with everything else from the 80s) and I would totally vouch for them. So handy, so fanny.



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