L’shana tovah, y’all.

I’m admittedly bad at sticking to New Year’s resolutions. I really like the idea of them–starting fresh and committing to positive changes–but the hype and post-holiday wind down always prevent my success.

I’ll cut out processed sugar…after the Christmas cookies are gone. And I’ll walk the dog every night…until I work late and determine sleep is more important than dogercise.

That’s why it’s so exciting to celebrate Rosh Hashanah–it’s like a bonus round for resolutions–double or nothing.

I can revisit areas I’ve neglected and refocus on giving thanks and living with intention. It’s a privilege, really, to have this opportunity for reflection.

As a kid, it felt weird to have a separate New Year. I felt singled out for being different and never understood why the majority of the world’s calendars were several thousands years behind schedule.  But like most awkward, uncomfortable parts of childhood, I got over it, and now I love celebrating the high holidays. Well, except for the fasting, but that’s not ’til next week. Until then, it’s game on.

L’shana tovah, y’all.


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