My week, in fragments.

1. We closed on a new house. Now, onto moving.
2. I was diagnosed with ulnar nerve entrapment, an ailment that sounds more like a spy plane and explains why my right ring finger and pinky have been numb for several years.
3. Husband started a new job! Hooray!
4. We got a new hot water heater, just in time to avoid a flood in our [old] house.
5. I launched an epic battle with ADT and, for the first time in my esteemed customer-service-fighting career, I pretty much lost. I no longer have a home security system and am probably on a watch list for alarm providers.
6. I was forced to go to Home Depot again. AGAIN. The only saving grace was when an elderly Scottish employee called me ‘lovey.’
7. I went dumpster diving for moving boxes in the middle of the day, with alarmingly little shame.
8. I enjoyed a much-needed lunch with a dear friend where we determined you can be sister wives without sharing a husband.
9. I gave food and water to a homeless man.
10. I laughed, I cried, and I fell asleep on the floor, twice.

Screen shot 2013-08-23 at 4.56.44 PM

One thought on “My week, in fragments.

  1. We’re happy to hear you found a new home! And congrats on Jim’s new job. You guys are doing great — enjoy all of the moments! XXOO Aunt Diane
    p.s. sorry your nerve is entrapped!

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