The universe at its best.

I believe in karma. That you get back what you give to the world, in goodness and in energy. Sometimes, it’s easy to see this happening and find connections between events; other days it’s challenging to see even a remote link between actions and circumstances.

Nevertheless, I think that consistently putting out as much good as you can helps positivity return when you need it most. Maybe in small doses, and maybe after a long wait, but without fail.

I don’t think karma is magic, however; there’s nothing official to it and no guarantees. Buying a stranger’s Starbucks doesn’t entitle me to lottery winnings and letting someone pass me in traffic doesn’t equate to a bonus at work.

Despite the somewhat inconsistent return on investment, I still believe in this wholeheartedly. It’s like that scene in Harry Potter…until Harry fully believes in Hogwart’s and wizardry, he can’t miraculously fly into the brick wall in the train station. Or something like that.


I can’t fly into brick walls or cast spells, but last week I randomly bought someone’s breakfast in the cafeteria at work. Then two days later, a stranger bought my dinner.

A few days after that, I passed a homeless man en route to Home Depot. I didn’t have any cash so I bought him a bottle of water when I left the store. He was gone when I drove back but I kept the water bottle in case I passed anyone else who looked thirsty. It’s approximately one million degrees in Phoenix during August so I have to think water’s as valuable as money.

Today, almost a week later, I passed another homeless man who was clearly tired and needed help. I parked and approached him, asking if there was anything I could do. I gave him the water bottle and went into the closest coffee shop to get him a muffin. The girl behind the counter saw that I was getting it for him and didn’t charge me, and he seemed mostly content with my offerings, despite also asking for a beer and a ham sandwich.


A few hours later, I made yet another trip to Home Depot (we’re moving…it’s a sinkhole for savings accounts). Afterward, I went back to the same coffee shop for lunch. As I paid for my food, I was offered a free drink out of nowhere. Thank you Luci’s.

These are, perhaps, random coincidences and fortunate twists of fate. I like to believe there’s a greater connection though, and that at times, the universe aligns perfectly.

One thought on “The universe at its best.

  1. That would be pretty sweet if you did win the lottery though, just for buying someone coffee! Just think of how many more coffee’s and waters you could buy people!

    You’re so good. If you come to Texas, I’ll buy you a coffee 🙂

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