7 reasons today was awesome (again)

Looking back at what I was thinking and writing at different points over the years is one of my favorite things. Exactly one year ago, I posted of list of seven things that had made my day awesome.

Here’s an update:

1. I went to happy hour with a bunch of strangers I’ll be volunteering with. Made new friends and meaningful connections and there were boneless buffalo wings. I love boneless buffalo wings something fierce.

2. I checked my brother in for the U.S. leg of his flight path home and got him an A boarding pass on Southwest. We have a unique understanding for the importance of never checking luggage #sibgistics.

3. Stumbling across this gem that I’m pretty sure my own subconscious created:
photo (1)4. And this one, that I may begin using as my out-of-office message at work whenever possible:

photo (2)

5. Realizing for the 375th time that I do not like coffee and that I do not have to like coffee.

6. Three more sleeps til San Diego.

7. Getting to change my calendars. Always gets me.
photo (3)

One thought on “7 reasons today was awesome (again)

  1. I really like number 6. Send my love to Dan and Jenny. Even at my age, or maybe even more so because of my age, I so agree with number 4! And number 5 makes me wonder if you are really your mother’s daughter!! P.S. I didn’t start drinking coffee until I turned 50. Really.

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