Marry someone you love

Marry someone you love, because sometimes you’ll travel around the world and spend 3o consecutive hours sitting next to each other on planes, taxis and boats. You will be cranky and dirty and largely delusional. Without patience and the right chemistry, the risk of bludgeoning each other to death increases significantly.

At home, we’re somehow always busy, always occupied. We work, volunteer, run errands and participate in more activities than a day camper. Needless to say, it’s a big change to our routine to travel to unfamiliar territory and spend 24 hours a day together. Outside of bathroom breaks, we were rarely more than five feet apart for two weeks.

It’s a give-and-take, really, traveling with one’s spouse.

I sunscreen your back, you sunscreen mine…I withdraw money from the foreign ATM when you forget your PIN, you choose not to comment when I buy alarming amounts of clothing and shoes…I accidentally order food I don’t like; you trade with me without being asked.

I love my husband and I love traveling with him; we’ve been to all different parts of the world together. Do we sometimes lose our cool and snap at each other, or have temporary lapses in conversation? Yeah. Because we’re human. But fortunately, those are fleeting moments within a great adventure.

Marry someone you love, because he will let you have the window seat and still get up every hour when you have to pee.


4 thoughts on “Marry someone you love

  1. Ha. I love this. And great advice too. And I do love traveling with my husband, but for many of the scenarios mentioned above, we’ve decided we like trips with friends better. πŸ™‚

  2. So true, I;m not married but did it with my love. Two months with no plans, And she is a plan oriented person…. Good and tough times, but the struggle in hard times is a non factor when remembering that the overall experience was a once in a lifetime good Time.

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