Honey Nut Hater-Os

So, this is silly.

I guess some people are making a fuss that a recent Cheerio’s ad portrays an interracial couple in its message touting the benefits of whole grain oats.

The one and only Cheerio has sparked some real, unfounded controversy.

Mmm hmm, this is real. In a country where our twice-elected president has parents of different races, we’re still upset that actors of different skin colors are telling us which breakfast cereal to eat?

If people really want to take a stand on something irrelevant, I say more power to them. Go forth and conquer your craziness. But only if you fully commit. No making exceptions when you choose a purely ridiculous stance.

I’m warning you, though; it’d mean missing out on a lot more than delicious whole grain O’s.

For example, you could no longer listen to the music of Sammy Davis Jr., (he married Swedish-born actress May Britt in 1960).

You also couldn’t encourage the progression of equal rights, (since the second wife of abolitionist and social reformer Frederick Douglass was Helen Pitts, a white abolitionist and suffragist).

Cheerio critics likely wouldn’t dine in restaurants run by Chef Wolfgang Puck, (yep, he and his wife, fashion designer Gelila Assefa, are of different ethnic backgrounds).

And forget about watching Robert DeNiro’s movies; he and his current wife are (wait for it…) different races.

On a personal level, I’d forbid any Honey Nut Haters from petting my dogs. They’re mixed breeds, so clearly unsuitable for someone offended by such diversity.

photoYou get the point. It’s embarrassing that anyone would focus energy on something so insignificant. We’d be better off spending our time chastising those companies that don’t embrace realistic portrayals of American families, rather than singling out the few who’ve taken the bold and timely step in the right direction.

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