On Father’s Day:

Here’s to you, Dad: a man who was never afraid to play dolls, change diapers and give piggyback rides.

5953_10102563077593851_360854990_nHere’s to a dad who isn’t afraid to show emotion. You have a giant heart and you’ve always let me know that I’m loved. What a gift.

The image below is my absolute favorite photo of you, taken the first time you saw me on my wedding day. I will never, ever forget this moment; even looking at it now brings me to (happy) tears. It’s a perfectly captured second in time that speaks to our entire relationship.


D0146If I can make you proud and be half of the person you are, I’ve succeeded.


D0863I treasure all the adventures and experiences we’ve shared, and feel infinitely lucky to call you my dad.

DSC00088Thank you for everything you’ve always done, and continue to do, to keep me happy, healthy and inspired. I love you.


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