Beware the robot blog spam furthermore produce?

These are, verbatim, the most recent spam comments on my blog. I don’t know enough about phishing scams or bad people to understand if these constitute effective strategies. But I think they’re hysterical.

1. Dirt mounds and rock piles can way too indicate the status of a cesspool. Warranted Success: What to produce people happy?

2. M., than it is to I-70 and furthermore Grand Junction, Colo. Artists put on a variety of materials and resources for creating statues.

3. It provides two to help deploy the software package. Place on towards the exact tragedy of being for that life of your levels and characters.

4. These kind images can be found painted musically throughout the watch. Chances akin to inheriting just very own kind of adoration music are unusual.

5. Every individual has the to claim insurance benefits. Every party would feel that your ex boyfriend or she might be entitled to this specific and that.

6. These items are maintaining these data’s for long run use. It inspires an individual to improve the fine quality of his deliver the results and become good than others.

I guess by reading and sharing these, I’m not really helping the cause, but I so want to meet the person (or robot software) that generates these, give him or her (or it) a lot of booze, and see what kinds of creative genius we can create.

2 thoughts on “Beware the robot blog spam furthermore produce?

  1. # 2 was me actually, brainstorming about a girls’ weekend trip about art in colorado. I have bad grammar and syntax.

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