the melodramatic silver lining

I took my car in today to have one of my tires looked at after noticing a small hole in it yesterday. Turned out I had pretty severe damage, which was covered by a warranty I don’t even remember purchasing. While I was there the tire “guys” noticed I had a nail in a different tire they also were able to repair, saving me another trip in.

We’re under contract on a new house – a perfect house – and recently went through the inspection period. Turns out there are a lot of issues that require some serious repairs. We spent a fair amount of money to have a slew of experts check it out, and now may be faced with deciding whether we’ll even be able to move forward, or just retreat and swallow our losses.

This past weekend we were supposed to be out of town with a group of 20 friends, but had to cancel at the last minute. Because we stayed in town, we had an amazing weekend with family that unexpectedly came into town and friends we hardly ever see.

Tonight I drove halfway to my sister-in-law’s dance performance, only to realize its actually tomorrow. Now I’m in the backyard, writing and reading, enjoying a freakishly cool, breezy evening in May.

It’s been a weirdass few days with a lot to deal with, but I think these sorts of inconveniences and challenges are usually blessings in disguise.

If I hadn’t noticed the damage to my tire, I could’ve had a dangerous blowout on the freeway. If we didn’t pay to have detailed home inspections, we would have ended up with tens of thousands of dollars in surprise expenses. If we’d gone out of town we wouldn’t have had a chance to see Jim’s grandma and cousins. And if I hadn’t mistakenly planned to attend a dance recital, I would be inside working, instead of enjoying the evening on the back porch.

Sometimes, the place you least want to be is the best one. There’s usually a silver lining you’d miss if you hadn’t taken a detour.


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